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Silent Hill Mod

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Silent Hill Mod

Mesaj  Flake la data de Dum Ian 31, 2010 3:04 pm

Silent Hill (Mod) is a completely new gameplay plugin for CS 1.6 & CZ.

It includes these features:

* New weather engine depends on the currently dimension
* Complete customize able
* Monsters-Team characters available
* Full weaponlist for the humans
* Own API for customize plugins
* Complete new Gameobjectives
* Charactersystem with new models
* Multilangual

There is plenty of customization as well, which enables you to create several different styles of gameplay. You can:

* Set monsters health, speed, models, rewards, and more
* Toggle unlimited ammo and adjustable knockback for weapons
* Separately enable and customize the new gameplay modes to your liking
* Change overall map lighting (lightnings available for the dark settings)
* Toggle fog on/off and density
* Replace sounds or add some background themes
* And many more...


* Extract the contents from the .zip file to your cstrike or czero folder
* - Includes the plugin and the sourcecode
* - Includes all models and sounds

Plugin: S9XNP78W

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---=== Owner ====---

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